"I guide and empower you to travel within to find your own wisdom and courage to light the way in moving forward and living life to its fullest."

I coach women through any phase on their journey in life to listen within, helping them to find the calm, clarity, confidence and deep healing they need to move through the fog, overcome the blocks, and find all that they are seeking and dreaming of.

About 25 years ago, with my Master’s in hand, I set off to put my education to use as an English teacher in China for a couple of years. While there, to cope with the anxiety and stress I was experiencing in the beginning, I began to practice meditation on a daily basis (something I had been dabbling in for a long time since I had parents who had always meditated). This led to a complete reversal in the direction I was going because I was able to listen to my inner voice and have the courage to follow it.

Now, happily married with two amazing daughters and traveling the world, having had many more twists and turns, jobs and trainings (see below) along the way, I have found what truly matters in finding your way and living your fullest life is tuning in to that inner voice and having the courage to follow it. It also makes life a whole lot more fun.


Jessica has such a calming presence and I LOVED our sessions. I had been struggling with the smoke from the fires here in Northern California and had an overwhelming feeling of sadness from the destruction and not being able to take a breath of fresh air in weeks.

I had also been struggling with many things and could not seem to move the needle. The sessions could not have come at a better time. During them, I felt so free and focused as we cleared and cleaned my system. After I felt a big shift within me, so relaxed, and sadness had lifted.
- Ganna Burke
“I had a session with Jessica online. I had set the intention to work on abundance blocks. I felt the visualisations were very powerful and I felt strong surges of energy during the guided meditation. I don’t know what happened but I definitely shifted into an abundant week in my business during the week following the session! I also picked up some useful energy tools I can work with on my own and thoroughly enjoyed the session!”
- Nisha F Thind
Jessica was amazing. I emerged from our session with a deep peacefulness, feeling refreshed and healed. Her insights at the end were an unexpected gift, that allowed me to acknowledge and create space for feelings that had been pushed aside in the busy-ness of everyday life. Thank you Jessica!
- Mandy Freeman
The energy acupuncture session with Jessica was really amazing. I felt super relaxed and safe during the session as she gently guided me through the healing journey. And afterward I felt AMAZING. I had tons of energy and my mood was SO good for the rest of the day. I can’t wait until my next session with her!
- Julie Hutsell
Working with Jessica the other day was truly eye opening. Being new to the modality of Ray of Light Meridian Therapy, I didn’t know what to expect but it was so relaxing and I felt myself releasing tension that I had been holding in my chest for some time. Jessica’s voice is so soothing and invites you to let go of expectations and be fully in the present moment in a way that we rarely experience in these digital days. Since the session I feel that I can breathe more deeply and reach flow more effortlessly.
- Melissa Wanner
I have benefitted from Jessica’s Guided Meridian Mediation for a few months now.

I have been getting acupuncture from Jessica for several years. Jessica has a healing way and continues to practice even in this COVID era. She has managed to bring her healing to a new level by guiding her patients in a more active role.

This guided meridian meditation is a useful technique for healing and I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for the mind, body, and soul healing.
- Rita B.
Doing a Ray of Light Meridian Therapy session with Jessica ended up being a huge surprise! I was expecting relaxation and stress reduction and left feeling that my entire body inside and out had been gently cared for. And that wasn’t the biggest surprise- a health condition that I had cleared up 100% within a day of the session! Thank you Jessica! I loved it! I learned so much! 
- Rebecca Hansen
Jessica is a truly gifted and wise healer. After having lower back pain for weeks on end, I had a Ray of Light therapy session. After just one session, I could feel the difference in the way my body responded. The pain moved through and I’m relearning how to integrate a mindful practice into my life once again. Jessica is an incredible healer and I can’t recommend her enough!
- Christina Schneider
Jessica is so generous and genuine in her mission to help people heal. I have known her for over 17 years and been fortunate to receive a variety of her  healing modalities. Recently I benefitted from an energy acupuncture session with her where she guided me through a deep healing from head to toe. I released everything that no longer serves me and settled into a place of deep peace and well-being.  I highly recommend Jessica for everyone.
- Michelle Benoit
The Ray of Light Meridian Meditation sessions with Jessica have been a wonderful experience in these Coronavirus days of uncertainty and anxiety.  They’re deeply relaxing and restorative.  And most importantly, they’re a powerful healing tool.  And a technique that we’re able to use ourselves, afterwards!   Jessica is a highly skilled acupuncturist  who now brings her healing expertise to this meditation arena.   I highly recommend The Ray of Light Meridian Meditation sessions!
Your coaching has made me feel encouraged and much more positive.

Before, I was trying to get my girls to behave better instead of trying to empathize and connect.  Now, I want to connect with my kids in every situation, to show them empathy and help them get through big emotions, looking for what need is not being met. It helps immensely! I’m also able to empathize with myself and not feel guilty for my emotions. And I feel great about my relationships with my kids and husband. I am so grateful for my amazing, beautiful children who have taught me so much! And for you teaching me all of these valuable tools and life lessons! Thank you so much for your guidance! I miss our calls….you had so much great insight.
- Nicole
The other day, when I “lost my cool” with my son and then talked to him about it after and I said at the table “gosh I really do feel terrible about getting upset.”  He said, “I bet you do mama.” “Why?” I asked. “Because I know you love us so much.” My heart melted and I realized I was being terribly hard on myself and that all this work we do DOES pay off and the boys’ really KNOWING how loved they are is the most important thing!!

You are amazing! You have such a gift and I feel so grateful for this connection with you. Thank you, thank you. Now I realize the softer I am with myself, the softer I am with my kids and even my husband. I am so lucky to have you as my coach. My entire family is lucky!!!!
- Shilo

Group Energy Healing Sessions:

I offer Ray of Light Meridian TherapyTM groups for women who need support on the journey and want the power of connection with others. What I loved about my community acupuncture clinic was seeing that the healing potential is so much greater when sharing that space and intention together. The same is true in these sessions where we combine the power of imagination and the movement of our energy through acupuncture points and meridians to help you find deep healing and transformation on all levels. From these powerful sessions, you will go away feeling uplifted and energized to take action. And you will receive energy tools that empower you to step into your next level of success in life, love and work.

If you would like to have Jessica run a results-based guided centering workshop for your group, please contact her to see about possibilities.

Individualized Coaching:

I love being able to work with you one-on-one to truly make a difference in your life.

Are you stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated and confused about what’s next? Great! Because these most challenging moments are the perfect invitation to go deep and discover the wisdom, creativity and power awaiting you. These feelings of inner conflict point to the need for change, the need to get in touch with and heed that inner voice. Together, we’ll get you there. And the outcome can be magical: calm clarity, ease in making decisions and taking action, stepping fully into who you are and living life to its fullest.

Ready to go there? 

12-week parenting program:

  • Feeling alone in your parenting? 
  • Overwhelmed with all of the parenting information out there? 
  • You’ve read all the books but find it hard to do without focus and support? 
  • Longing for a better connection with your children? 
  • Feel like you’re repeating negative patterns? 

I’m here for you. 

It may be especially hard during this time with the additional stress and anxiety that both parents and children are experiencing. 

These 12 weeks are a journey with you, the mom, at its center. Through a guided program of self-reflection,  healing your stories,  expanding your inner resources for empathy and resilience and tuning into the power of your inner voice and empowered communication you will find  your peace of mind and the connection and harmony you seek.

If you’re ready to work with me and become the parent you want to be, book a free 20-minute call.


Jessica is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Parenting Coach with extensive experience and training in combining inquiry and guided meditation for coaching.

Her training includes:

Guided Meditation FrameworkTM; Ray of Light Meridian Therapy™; The Work 101 with Todd Smith; Parent Coach Training with and Coach for The Great Parenting Show; Holistic Counseling Foundations with Dr. Daniel Moshe Block; JAI Parent Coach Training; Chinese Medicine 5 Element Pediatrics Workshop with Dr. Stephen Cowan; Pediatric Acupuncture with Robin Green; GAPS Certified Practitioner; Restorative Wellness Practitioner Levels 1-3