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We are Family Wellness Wanderers

A family of 4, plus our three little poodles, traveling the world. In 2018, we were spending more and more time inside, watching TV and lacking our sense of adventure. So, a year later, we made the leap and left our home, selling everything we owned to explore the world together as a family. 

Now we are full-time travelers, visiting places around the world, with a healthy lifestyle through doing yoga, practicing meditation, eating clean and spending lots of time active in nature!

We wanted to share our journey with the goal of bringing the world, wonder and wellbeing to others through yoga, mediation, food and travel. We help others to create their own version of family wellness and a lifestyle that cultivates self-awareness and feeling of connectedness with the world. 


Hi, I’m Jessica and I have been on the road since I was born and left Wisconsin after only 6 months which often leaves me wondering what to answer when someone asks me where I’m from. Of the 25 places I’ve visited or lived so far in my near 50 years of life, the countries I’ve lived in longest have been Zambia and Canada (my formative years as a child) and the United States (my teen and adult years). I now hear my girls facing the same challenge when asked where they are from but I think it is a good challenge to have.

I like tea, chocolate, being healthy through good food, yoga, qi gong and being in nature, warmth and sunshine on my shoulders, being with my girls and watching them grow up, reading, meditating and learning new things. And, obviously, I love to travel!

Over the years, I have learned to listen to and trust my heart and inner voice, to embrace diversity and be open to the mystery and the wonder in life. And now, after much learning and many jobs, I am combining all that I am and all the skills that I have to coach women through parenting and beyond to listen within for clarity, confidence and healing as they travel their own unique paths in life as moms or as entrepreneurs. Find out more at Travel Within.

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Hola! I’m Sophia. From growing up in Alaska, then living on a hobby farm with a pet goat to traveling alone in Costa Rica at 14, I have always had a passion for adventure! As I travel with my family, I enjoy spending time in nature and being able to see amazing places around the world. 

I am also a fan of hiking up mountains, swimming in the ocean and exploring new places with my sister, Anna. 🙂 

Most of the things I love to do now came from experiences abroad or traveling in the U.S., including aerial silks, learning Spanish and, of course, my ever-growing calling to teach yoga! 

My part in the team is managing our social media, video editing and creating yoga classes based on stories related to the places we visit around the world!

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What can I say…dad, builder, entrepreneur, traveler and nature enthusiast. I have moved and traveled most of my life but if you were to ask me where I am from, I’d have to say Alaska. 

I lived there longer than anywhere and that’s where my love of nature and amazement towards all the other beings we share this planet with solidified. While venturing the remote wilds of Alaska and experiencing some of the most pristine nature and unbelievable wildlife I gained a new perspective.  

Sitting on the summits of mountains, my favorite place to be, I realized that the human world, myself included, are but a tiny part of this wonderous world in which we live. This is the perspective I wish to share with my family as we travel.

My part is filming the videos and taking the photographs for social media.

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Hi, my name is Anna. I am a teen who loves to cook and bake from scratch. I love singing, guitar, dancing and playing with my three dogs, Coco Puff, Popcorn and Cinnamon. I also enjoy home activities like watching movies and doing quizzes. 

I am all about having fun and love being creative! I also love fashion and coming up with new outfits to wear that are stylish and unique, something that can be a little challenging with only one backpack. I like hanging out with and making new friends. I also love animals, like a random friendly cow I once met in a field and have not eaten beef since. I try to rescue and help all the animals I meet. 

I enjoy making people laugh, always try to keep the mood light, entertaining all my friends and family. It takes me a day to warm up to new people but once you get to know me I am fun to be around and love being the center of attention. ;D 

My part in the business is cooking videos, photography, designing outfits and doing flexibility tutorials. 

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The Wander Pups

I’m Coco, aka Coco Puffy or Puffy Puff. I am the oldest, most mature, of the pack. Some may call me quirky (looking like a cross between a sloth and a racoon) but I think I’m adorable. I am a fan of travel because I get really excited about all the great smells and little creatures I get to track down along the way.

I’m Popcorn, aka Poppy or Floppy. I felt obligated to live up to being like “popcorn” and you can often see me jumping up to very great heights. Despite all of my jumping, I can also be calm and cuddly. The girls think I make the perfect travel pillow. 

I’m Cinnamon, aka Cinnaminni, Cinnabun or Cinnamony. They think I’m the baby of the family, though I really am a big dog with a very intimidating fierce growl. You can find me being held A LOT, snuggling in the laps and arms of my human family. What I love about traveling is all the different beds messing up the sheets on the bed as I make my nest for napping.

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